Commitment To The Planet, To Its People And To You

From forward-thinking retail brand partners and eco-friendly products to responsible sourcing and reducing our carbon footprint, we'll continue doing our part to create change for the better.

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Our Commitment To Change

Environmental and social responsibility is a key component of every decision we make. As we continue leading the way for a more responsible industry, now's the time for everyone to reimagine how they do business today and commit to a better tomorrow. It'll take all of us to shape a future we can be proud of.

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Partnerships + Innovation

Moving forward, we're committed to partnering only with retail brands that share our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. And we'll continue sourcing new materials to provide even more options for eco-friendly gifts. It's more than a commitment to environmental and social responsibility — it's a commitment to you.

Brand + Products

Journey To Sustainability

Today, we deliver your orders with UPS® carbon neutral shipping, and several of our U.S. facilities have earned Forest Stewardship Council® certification. By 2025, we have even bigger goals, including a 50% reduction in carbon emissions and 100% supply chain transparency.

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Safety + Compliance

We're committed to conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner while providing products that meet or exceed your expectations.

A Partner You Can Count On

Perfectly decorated products delivered on time, every time. An easy, reliable service experience. We're committed to being a partner you can count on.

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