Who is CFDFpromo?

At CFDFpromo, we provide promotional items designed and personalized in Quebec for your business. You can choose from a huge variety of items from everything from office supplies to construction clothing. Whether you have a logo or not, our graphic design team is here to show you the designs that will make you stand out. For personalized, fast and affordable service, CFDFpromo is where it's at.

Your growth partners

As a supplier of promotional products for businesses of all kinds, we offer you:

The easiest and fastest ways to make your promotional products.
You will get high quality items at an affordable price. If you are a new business and are having trouble choosing the right promotional product or design, our experts are here to help. They will present you with the best ideas for your organization. Nonprofits face different challenges in their philanthropic activities. That’s why we give them special attention.

Your vision, our way of doing things

One way to do it with ease.

First of all, you will need to select the item from our online store. You can add the quantities you want to the virtual shopping cart. Second, you just have to fill out the contact form and send us the design you want to customize.

Following your shipment, a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order.

You will receive a confirmation email with your detailed order, as well as the available payment methods.


Finally, you will receive a visual montage of your design positioned on the items, in order to have your full satisfaction to start production. You must allow 10 to 15 working days following your approval for production, and you will receive everything at the address of your choice.

Your ideas, your prosperity

Personalization of different products plays a crucial role in promoting your business. The presence of promotional items is essential to build a reputable brand image. This is why our team of experts is at your fingertips to present your image at its true value.

You name it; we have it

At CFDFpromo, we provide promotional items of all kinds. From stationery to electronics, from construction clothing to coffee mugs. You will find the best products for your organization. Whether you need very high-end products or economical items, we are able to provide you with everything you need.

Do you want personalized clothing? Whether it's for t-shirts, shirts, coats, toques and caps, or any other type of promotional clothing, we have what you are looking for. In addition, we offer the latest decoration technologies in screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, heat transfer, flex transfer, badge and silicone. In short, everything you need to bring your brand image to its true value.

Do you need personalized office supplies? Tell us. We have stationery, writing materials, notebooks, and more. For your customers and employees, they can use wonderful office supplies with your image.

Do your customers and employees often go on trips? Offer personalized travel items, be it backpacks, luggage tags, passport holders, a suitcase or a document holder, we can all personalize them to your image.

Do you want personalized electronic devices? No worries, we're expanding our services to wireless chargers, bluetooth speakers, USB sticks, power banks and more.

You are looking for bottles, mugs or any type of glassware to fill your home collection for a restaurant or for a special event, or from wine items to gifts for the home, we can print, engrave or laser the design of your choice.

Is it time to make yourself happy or to please others? We have a huge variety of combined items for the perfect gift. We understand the meaning of priorities for each company. That's why we work together to make it easy for you. You can select one of the many assemblies or simply choose your items and the packaging of your choice to create personalized gifts in your image.

Just name it and we'll provide it.

Your convenience is our priority

Our customers don't have to make any effort to receive their items. We provide them with the best rapid distribution strategies. Our services are not limited to a specific region, you benefit from our services worldwide.

Broken the norm and not your budget

Among many reasons why you will buy from us, the main one is our perfect value for money. We give you access to thousands of quality products at an affordable price.

You want your business to stand out!

A brand is reinforced by the cohesion it exudes within its staff. Only brands capable of meeting market standards can survive. If you want to reflect your brand's positive identity in the marketplace, you can't find a better option than the services of CFDFpromo. We provide you with the best value for money promotional items that set your brand apart from the competition.

You are looking for eco-responsible products!

Many brands constantly complain about not finding environmentally friendly materials. If you are also a nature lover and you want to reduce your ecological footprint, your problem is solved. CFDFpromo offers a wide variety of the best ecological products on the market. The entire CFDFpromo team takes care to play its positive role in enhancing the environment.

You must order wholesale!

CFDFpromo supplies the merchandise of your choice in the quantity you want. Order in bulk without worrying about the limitations and get the products you want in a short period of time. No need to take items out or cut your budget, they'll be able to get you the right products at the right prices.

An asset for the progress of your business

We make sure that your logo is printed on the desired products in a very eloquent and graceful manner. Such an exquisite display of the logo grabs everyone's attention within seconds. Therefore, your business stands out among the thousands.

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