One of the overarching goals within the organization is to become the leader in the distribution of quality promotional items while remaining conscientious of the environment.

Support good causes

We pay particular attention to non-profit organizations (NPOs). Being involved in several organizations, in addition to participating in several fundraisers and charity events, we understand the importance of each cause! Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Mutual aid

We are proud to contribute to the success of companies working in a field similar or related to ours by offering them a range of the most advantageous prices. Whether you are a marketing agency, a music group, an event organizer or simply to resell our items, contact us now to learn about your competitive advantages.

Stand out

Your business is made up of a variety of people who are all different from each other, which makes it unique. All the more reason for your image to reflect your identity. However, our team is aware of this and that is why we are working to bring your image to the height of your ambitions. Stand out, several companies operate in the same industry. You will not only increase the notoriety of your company, but also the sense of belonging of your teams by allowing them to wear and proudly offer articles bearing the image of the company.

Environmentally friendly

Maintaining the environment is one of the core values ​​at CFDFpromo. We operate paperless and most of our partners do the same. We also offer a huge variety of eco-responsible items, whether it's organic cotton clothing, bamboo office supplies or reusable bottles made from 100% recycled materials. We will be able to personalize the right items for you, while reducing the ecological footprint this could cause.

All your orders will be delivered to the address of your choice in reused cardboard boxes.

Social responsibility

As a Quebec company, we take responsibility for our employees, our community and our environment. These responsibilities guide our choices, as do the values ​​of trust, honesty, fairness, reliability and respect to which our company adheres.

Code of ethics

CFDFpromo is committed to conducting its business and internal affairs in an ethical and socially responsible manner, in accordance with all applicable federal and provincial laws, customs regulations and official industry standards, relating to employment and manufacturing. We strive to work in partnership with suppliers who adhere to our commitment to ethical and responsible conduct.

  • Maintain a standard of excellence in all aspects of our business around the world
  • Adopt ethical and responsible conduct in all our activities
  • Respect everyone's rights
  • Respect the environment

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