How to choose an eco-friendly promo item?

Whether it's to spoil all the employees of the company or to thank loyal customers, better bet on useful and durable personalized items that are sure to please everyone. Giving an ecological gift not only shows concern for the protection of the environment, but also demonstrates recognition of the commitment to the business relationship. Indeed, offering a reusable and practical accessory manifests a desire for long-term satisfaction and a desire to remain relevant throughout the collaboration.

The characteristics of an environmentally friendly product

Can a plastic object be considered ecological? Absolutely.

In fact, it all depends on the carbon footprint. It is by analyzing all stages of a product's life cycle that it is possible to determine the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted, and therefore its impact on the environment. You have to think about the extraction of raw materials through manufacturing, transport, distribution, use and end of life. It's not always easy, but there are a few tips to guide your choices to the best of your ability. The following questions will often be illuminating


  • Is the product for single use or is it reusable?
  • What is the level of quality? Low quality is often synonymous with breakage or premature wear
  • Is the product at risk of quickly becoming obsolete? A relevant question particularly at the electronics level.


  • Is the product really useful to the recipient? You should absolutely avoid sending a message of overconsumption by offering a very unhelpful article that will hardly ever be used. It is particularly important to be vigilant with decorative objects or targeted products (ex: children's toy, diary, pet accessory, iPhone case) ;
  • Does the item require batteries, cartridges or any other limited life products to function?

End of life

  • At the end of its useful life, can the product be upgraded?
  • Is the item recyclable?
  • Compostable?
  • Can it be used by someone else?

How to choose the best ecological promotional item?

First, finding a common ground between the people for whom the promotional item is intended will help guide research. For example, employees who are often called upon to travel by plane, will probably appreciate a carry bag adapted to their reality with a compartment for their laptop in addition to being compact enough to be carried in the cabin. Golf enthusiasts will surely be delighted to receive a personalized golf towel or set of tees.

In the event that the article is aimed at a wide range of people and a commonality is not necessarily obvious, your best bet is to go for a safe bet. A simple product related to food or meal preparation is likely to appeal to the majority. The same is true for clothing of all kinds.

Then, in order to offer a product with a lower carbon footprint, the choice must be made on the basis of durability and utility. Both characteristics are essential for the article to be profitable. Ultimately, the product should ideally not end its life in a landfill. Upgrading and recycling should be encouraged.

It is often advantageous to speak with an expert to receive advice and suggestions related to your project. At CFDFpromo, we are always available to share our expertise and make sure we offer a product that perfectly suits needs and budget.

The 5 green products par excellence in 2021

Engraved wooden cutting board

A large wooden cutting board can be used as a presentation plate, as a serving tray and, of course, as a cutting surface. A high-end item that will be useful both in everyday life and on special occasions.

100% recycled shopping bag

A must! A strong and durable shopping bag that will be useful for both the grocery store and a beach bag. Made from recycled materials, this tote bag is eco-friendly, simple and versatile.

Bamboo food container

Say goodbye to plastic wrap and faded plastic dishes to store leftovers or to bring your lunch to work. This stylish and practical container is dishwasher safe and freezer safe. The cover is made from 100% bamboo for a chic look, as well as unparalleled durability.

Recyclable pen made from wheat husks

The wheat husk is agricultural waste from the harvest of cereals. The ingenious method of recovering this residual material gives a natural, minimalist and attractive finish to the product.

Sports t-shirt

A light breathable sweater is essential for an active lifestyle. Such a t-shirt will be appreciated as much on a daily basis as during training sessions.

Contact us to find out about all the eco-friendly items that we personalize and thus find the perfect gift that will meet your needs and those of your recipient.

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