CFDFpromo at the service of NPOs


Human beings have always faced hardships in life.

Trials that he will have had a hard time overcoming on his own, that is why the help of others has become a most indispensable virtue for a better life on earth.

Mutual aid is a social "mechanism" that is needed as soon as we come into the world. For a baby to take his first steps, say his first words or hold his spoon on his own, it is by being supported by a parent that he will succeed. Ditto for her early years at school or the advice of a teacher can save the day.

The world of work is also a powerful example of the importance of mutual aid. Receiving a suggestion from a more experienced colleague or finding another to replace us during an absence, is always pleasant to live with and encourages us even more to move forward. And there are millions of examples.

In short, if the human species has managed to survive so far, it is in large part thanks to solidarity in many forms, and mutual aid in particular. A virtue that has spread to other lands less familiar to her, such as that of business.

Mutual assistance in companies at the local level

As at the societal level, the company is also showing its need for mutual assistance.

Contrary to popular belief, the corporate world is not just an arena of fierce competition, where there is only tough competition where everyone thinks only of getting ahead of their opponent and not giving them any gifts.

Having said that, it is very practical and conceivable for one company to help another, who is not necessarily of the same size or in the same field. Whether in the form of advice, labor exchange, consultation or special service offer, Mutual aid between businesses is in vogue, particularly at the local level.

As a specialist in the design of promotional items such as: writing instruments, clothing or tech products, CFDFpromo is a very good sample of mutual assistance between companies in Quebec, which offers companies active in the same or related fields; advantageous prices to allow them to remain competitive.

The economic slowdown, accentuated by the global pandemic of the Coronavirus (covid-19) has triggered the awakening of the virtue of entrepreneurial solidarity. Many companies have experienced quite a few difficulties, including the shortage of staff and limited supplies of goods, which has revalued the practice of mutual aid in the workplace more than ever before.

Mutual assistance with NPOs

Mutual aid in business is not always uniform. This practice sometimes extends to other organizations that operate in the humanitarian, and therefore non-economic field. These organizations are often known under the name of Non Profit Organization (NPO).

These charities are often struggling and find themselves facing new challenges. These challenges are constantly changing, which pushes the managers of its associations to find new alternatives, in order to be able to continue to update their role correctly.

Among the challenges faced by these philanthropic organizations, there is that related to the permanent search for volunteers to ensure the permanence of its associations, especially full-time volunteers, which is not an easy task. And even for one-off assignments, such as events that only last a day, labor is scarce.

Financial support is also a major challenge for Non-Profit Organizations, as they manage to survive mainly thanks to donations from benefactors. NPOs must always be at the forefront of this problem and find increasingly creative solutions. One of these solutions is none other than the subject discussed in the previous paragraphs, mutual aid from companies for NPOs.

CFDFpromo at the service of NPOs

To support these humanitarian organizations, CFDFpromo has not gone hand in hand and offers a multitude of aid options in solidarity with these associations. Starting by giving them the benefit of our expertise to optimize their orders according to the budget, the need and the nature of the charitable event.

In addition to paying particular attention to these charitable associations, CFDFpromo does not hesitate to get its hands dirty as soon as possible, because we must not forget that CFDFpromo joined forces with no less than six organizations during 2020; through volunteering and donations of up to $10,000!. Without neglecting the promotional prices and the support of the customer advice, they have to get the best products at the best prices.

The need for help from these philanthropic organizations and the current precarious context imposed by the spread of the Coronavirus have not left CFDFpromo indifferent. An example of solidarity that many businesses can follow in Quebec, as well as across Canada.

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